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Friday, January 13, 2012

Brain Food!

Yes, that's right. There are foods that increase and improve the functions of our brain. Not surprising, they're mostly the foods that are good for our heart. Remember, what's good for the heart is good for the brain. But above all, research indicates that caloric intake is more important than the specific types of foods.   A good rule of thumb is that reducing your calorie intake (to healthy levels) increases your life span.

Many of the foods we eat, but know are terrible for our health are not good for the brain. Eliminate foods with hydrogenated oils, partially-hydrogenated, trans fats and of course fast foods. These foods may taste good but do nothing for our health.

So what is good for our brains? Yup, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes. The food with the most benefits seems to be green leafy vegetables. They slow the cognitive decline in people. Tests show that older folks who consume more than two servings of veggies in a day performed similarly on cognitive tests as people five years younger.

Genetics play an important role in brain health, but diet and exercise increase our ability to function and help slow cognitive decline.

-An interesting tidbit for students and teachers-chewing gum before a test improves performance....not during, but right before. The chewing motion increases blood flow to the region, thereby increasing oxygen.

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