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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Relativity, Our Universe and a darn cool webisite

Since Ethan's first words, my son has asked "why?" I'm sure parents reading this can remember those endearing yet sometimes annoying questioning sessions, especially when it's on a long car ride and you cannot jump without risk of injury. Ethan has been fascinated by numbers, comparisons, statistics and the size of things. One of his favorite books was about dinosaurs. It had comparative pictures of the beasts with a small silhouette of a man. He would always ask "Daddy, is the Allosaurus as big as our house? Our car? How about Nana's house? Is it as big as hers?"
I came across an interesting website a colleague had shared. It is right up Ethan's alley. He spent an hour going through it.
So, if you look to the stars, wonder about nature, are a spatial learner or just like playing on cool sites, then take a look at this site developed by the Huang twins. It gives a clear perspective on how important everything is from the tiniest material to the limits of the unknown. Enjoy!

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