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Monday, November 12, 2012

Students learning with Technology

The rapidly changing environment of using technology in school is met with support and opposition by educators. I've asked some of my students to share their thoughts and recommendations of technology.


  1. The amount of technology we use today is enormous, with almost every student having a smart phone or at least some phone with internet access. Every day we carry with us the ability to contact anyone else in the entire world, and I think we take that for granted. Aside from phones, we use computers for both educational and recreational purposes. In classes like the Digital Academy of Arts and Sciences, we use computers in every class period, and I also quite enjoy using the computer when I get home, for things like Tumblr or videogames.
    Even though I'm almost positive Google records all of your search data and then sells it to advertising companies, I still find it extremely convenient. Even though I find the occasional bra advertisement directed towards my sister, Google has so many different search options, and have even developed their own social networking component. You can search for articles, images, videos, and can even set up documents and powerpoints to be shared for free online. Not to mention that they have the most free storage out of most other E-Mail services, so linking your Facebook notifications to your E-Mail isn't a data problem. Google has become a staple search engine, and I would definitely recommend it to new internet users.
    Computers set up with the school district's WiFi work best, followed shortly by the ever-present Apple devices, such as iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches. The kind of research you can do on the internet and the many apps are unparalleled, making said devices a prime option for school activities. The Smartboard has also seen fairly recent success in classrooms, so long as the teachers can understand how to use it and don't need the students to help them with the most basic of tasks. This is another reason that Apple products are great; they're more user-friendly.
    I personally would suggest that maybe a teacher go to a seminar to learn about how to properly handle technology in the classroom. I might also suggest that they do some interent research for tips, because the world-wide web is full of them.

  2. Jas 10
    The type of technologies that i use throughout the day are Mac computers at school which that i do not like, and at home i use PC which has windows 8 and that is kind of cool to use. Also at home i use it for educational for a couple minutes to like do my homework, and then i use it to like watch videos, and then i use my laptop with my home theater and use it to play music really loud at full blast, and at school we like use pc in Mr. Waring s room, and those are good ones, and i usually do my homework there and type my things there so i do not have any homework. I also like play ps3 and xbox 360 to play games like Call of Duty and other racing games, and that is not educational.
    The most recommended websites that i i use are like which has news articles on it that i am able to find out all the news things in like under 5 minutes, Other then that i don't really use technology websites or any websites.
    The type of technologies that we have in school is like smart boards and those work well to use in class, and is easier to use then having to stand by a laptop and type all of it. Other then that we have like Macs but i don't really like to use them because it is really hard to do anything on them compared to the pc in the downstairs computer lab which are really fast and have lots of features on them like so many programs like scratch and other programs like photoshop to do stuff. Those are like really good like we also have ipads that kids use, but those are good but not as good as like real computers.
    I have no recommendations for the school technology because we already have everything that we would like ever need like laptops and computers everywhere, and we have like access to typing, and all the programs that we need like if it is from movie making like in imovie to photoshop to just word and typing a essay.

  3. Technology is bad for the eyes when viewed for long amounts of time, but it's efficient for its purpose. I use computers, ipods, and occasionally television each day. The best technology sites I use are moodle and edmodo. Editing applications, moodle, and online textbooks are best for school. For teachers or adults using technology in school, I suggest continuing using the websites and technology that are usually used because I know of no other items of technology/websites/software that work better. Ipads could be used for working but in my opinion I don'd particularly care.

  4. Each day the main, and most obvious piece of technology, remains the computer. However, iPads and such are often used by acquaintances for studying and homework, as well as gaming and socialization. Laptops and desktop computers however remain on top due to the common difficulties had by those attempting to type on an iPad. (Although a recent release by Apple has corrected this with an attachable, lightweight keyboard so it is expected to change quickly.) In schools desktop computers are usually the best because students have the ability to print from them, which many cannot from personal computers. It is also important for students to have the ability to plug in whatever they need. I recommend that schools allow access to technology whenever. Students who have their own personal computers that they bring class to class have some advantages in note taking and keeping organized. However, a warning should be given to teachers that even though digital homework does work well to an extent, students can often forget, lose access to Internet, or encounter a variety of other problems that would not be associated with paper homework.

  5. Everyday I use gmail, my phone, Facebook, pandora, and youtube. Within these technologies and websites the two most important ones to society are the cell phone and gmail. When trying to contact a person you really only need their phone number or email. With a phone number you can call and text and email is also an easy way to communicate with someone.

    In the school I go to the teachers have blocked Facebook. I use Facebook to contact people whose numbers and emails I don't have. This just recently happened to me when I was looking for a job shadow, I could only use Facebook and I can't check it at school and I could only check it at 7:00 at night after he got off of work and didn't check his Facebook. However, gmail, edmodo, and moodle. With these sites the teacher can easily inform the students of upcoming assignments and or missed assignments.

  6. The technologies that I use in school are computers and outside of school I also use my computer and my ipod. I also use other apple devices that are in my house! One other technology I use is an xbox 360. I think that computers and using other apple devices such as iphones and ipads during class really help a student find research on their topic they are learning about. The suggestions I have for teachers is that they should really get used to more technology and let students use it more but be careful on what they are using it for. Our future is going to be full of technology more and more and teachers cant really stop us from using it so they need to start using computers more for class work.

    In school sites that students should really look for are .org and .gov because they are more reliable and you mostly know that the information is true. With .com websites you never know if the information is right because the person that owns the website could be bias on the topic u are searching and write the wrong info. Also when using .com websites people could easily put the wrong info and they are not positive they are right. One last thing you should not use is Wikipedia because that site is editable by anybody with an account and they can change the info on any category in there.

  7. Technology impacts our world everyday. It is constantly changing and developing in new ways. With the increase in technology, the world must keep up with the new and exciting developments. I personally use technology not only for my own enjoyment but also to keep up to date with what's going on in the world. When using social media sites, such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, I always seem to come across important news stories and events that I would not have found out about otherwise. I don't usually watch the news so the internet is a place I can go to discover recent events; however, relying on primarily those websites is not the best idea, which is why I use Google to fact check. I also use the internet for educational purposes, with sites such as Moodle, Edmodo, or online textbooks. Schools can use these websites for a communication between teachers and students, and students and school work. I recommend the websites: moodle, edmodo, glogster, J stor, and any other education-based sites. Using technology in school is a benefit to both teachers and students because it allows access to many different resources.

  8. I use many different types of technology everyday. I use both a MAC computer and a Pc laptop at my house, for both education purposes, checking the news, weather, and for non-educational things too like games online. I also use a cell phone everyday, most of the time just to see if anything is wrong, I am not big on texting or calling. I also use an old MP3 player to listen to music.

    I normally use .org or a reliable website when I am doing anything like schoolwork or looking for some true reliable information. When I am using the Internet I normally just use whatever site looks good and reliable for games, or weather. When I am looking for something like news I try to find something realistic.

    I think that computers and IPads, Work the best in school because they can be used to go on the internet and look up things for school, they both also have Microsoft word or some other typing program where they can type there schoolwork or write an essay.

    For sites or technology that I would recommend to teachers would be to when giving an assignment create them instead of Googling them, some of my teachers do that for certain subjects. I would also suggest that they use reliable websites that are interesting and hands on it helps me learn better and engage myself into the assignment.

  9. Technology has taken over this generation making it good and bad. With technology someone can do their work easier, but with it someone can also procrastinate, thus leaving work to be done on the last minute. On a daily basis, I use my iPod, and Wii for entertainment. In order to communicate with my family and friends I often use my phone and laptop. The social media of today, also makes it easier to connect with others for homework help or any other necessity. Not only do I use my laptop for communication but I also use it for homework, as well as a calculator. The best technology sites that someone can use are Moodle, Google, Edmodo, and Twitter. This way communication is made easier and it the sites are safe. I also recommend that students use Quizlet and Online textbooks, these sites make it easier because you do not have to bring textbooks to and from school everyday. Quizlets can also improve test grades by allowing students to study vocabulary terms with games and online flashcards. As for what technology can work best in school, it is pretty simple. Students and teachers should have the opportunity to use laptops or iPads to take down notes. The technology makes it easier for people to keep track of their notes and not loose them, which often results when students misplace their pieces of paper. For teachers in the school they should Edmodo because that way they can add assignments and send alerts to students on when they are due, making it easier for students and teachers.

  10. On the daily basis I use a multiplicity of aspects of technology. For instance, typically use my phone for communication purposes and research during school. It can go onto the Internet and there are apps that I use for organizational purposes and study techniques. I also use my laptop to research and complete homework. Most of my homework is either online or must be typed; thus, my laptop proves to be very useful. Furthermore, I use my IPad to take notes. The IPad has a larger screen than a phone and when a question arises pertaining to the subject at hand, I can easily search it on the Internet and obtain the answer.
    My most recommended technology sites are Moodle, Edmodo, Quizlets, and online textbook websites. Moodle and Edmodo act as school social media sites where assignments, study guides, and other school aspects can be located. With sites such as these a student is able to review previous work they handed in before and thus these sites prove to be key to studying. Also the posting of homework assignments allows students to due work they miss when they are out and not fall behind in the class or have makeup work to do. Also, Quizlets has an array of index cards for many subjects and is helpful when study vocabulary, as I have found out with English and AP Human Geography. The online textbooks, allows students to view the textbook without the added weight of an actual textbook. The content it still learned, but without the hassle of lugging around a heavy textbook.
    Laptops, smart phones, and other electronics, which can go onto the Internet, work best for school purposes. To be able to search the Internet on a device and take notes is very effective in a learning environment. These aspects allow students to easily answer their own questions, further their knowledge in a topic, and record content learned in class. For instance, I often use my phone in class to record the class during a review day. This way I can review what the teacher said the night after and I make sure I cover all information the teacher covered in the review and in class. I can listen to the class and this is a type of studying which could not be possible if I was unable to use my technology.
    For teachers/adults in the school I would highly recommend using Edmodo. Having assignment alerts sent to my phone is a helpful reminder along with my agenda book. Also, I would also use technology to post homework assignments so when a student is absent or is unable to complete the work at that time, they still know the homework and will be able to complete it at some point.