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Friday, April 17, 2015

Observations of Great Teaching: A Hodgepodge of Characteristics and Traits

It is no surprise that good teachers share similar pedagogical approaches but vary greatly in their classroom presence. In my observations of good and great teachers, these things are evident:

  1. A mutual respect between teacher and student exists
  2. Great planning and execution of a lesson are key to classroom management
  3. A consistent approach to classroom expectations benefits students
  4. Honest and positive feedback strengthens students' self-efficacy
  5. The ability to explain concepts and tasks in multiple ways alleviates frustration
  6. They have an excellent understanding of which students are ready to move on and when
  7. A strong knowledge of the curriculum, learning objectives and pacing

  • They are not micro-managed by school administrators
  • They are treated as true professionals
  • They are supported 
  • They never insult or demean a student (even as a joke).
  • They communicate often with parents

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